Care & Burning Instruction Guide
General Care & Safety Instructions
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Always place on a heat resistant surface like a plate or tray.
  • Do not place near soft furnishings.
  • Never move a burning candle. Extinguish first, allow wax pool to harden before moving.
  • Burn in draft free spaces.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Before lighting candle, always trim wick to 0.5cm.
  • Candle Arrangements- please bear in mind when burning more than one candle next to each other, leave ample space between candles or else the burning quality may be affected due to their combined heat.
Container Candle Burning Instructions
  • When burning your container candle, let the pool of wax reach the glass wall, this way the candle will burn down evenly.
  • When re-lighting, always trim wick to approx. o.5cm.
  • Always burn candle on a flat surface.
  • If smoking or sooting of the container occurs, the wick needs trimming. Extinguish flame, allow wax to harden and trim wick.
  • Never move or touch the container while alight, as container may be hot to touch.
Pillar Candle Burning Instructions
  • Before lighting, remove any labels.
  • When you first light your pillar candle, let the pool of wax reach the outside edge, then extinguish, this will give the candle a memory to continually burn out to.
  • Before re-lighting always trim wick to 0.5cm.
  • If dripping or smoking occurs, extinguish candle, allow wax to harden and re-trim wick.
  • Pillar candles are not designed for hurricane lamps/ vases, as candles may collapse from extra heat build up.
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